Services Provided

Commerce Avenues specializes in facilitating funds to government and private projects with special emphasis on the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and other Emerging Markets.  

Funds for Government & Private Projects

Commerce Avenues arranges finance for government development and private projects using an array of international financial institutions located in the Middle East, Asia, North America and Europe.

The Firm’s priority sectors include:

•  Railways
•  Roads and Tunnels
•  Highways / Expressways
•  Heavy Engineering
•  Airports / Seaports
•  Electricity (Power Plants)
•  Gas / Oil (Refineries, Pipelines,    Generators)
•  Renewable Energy
•  Social Housing
•  Government Buildings
•  Public Facilities (Schools,    Hospitals, Parks)

Promoting Foreign Products & Services

Commerce Avenues also promotes products and services of foreign companies that are interested in accessing both the market in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider region. In this capacity, the firm can act as a regional gateway to businesses.

Promoting Investments into the Kingdom of Bahrain

The Firm has also been created with the aim of promoting and attracting direct investments into the Kingdom of Bahrain.